Meet Erin

Hi, I'm Erin.
I started this blog in mid 2009 in order to channel my creativity and writing skills.
I love sharing my ideas and all the wonderful people I have met from blogging.
I currently reside in the suburbs of the wonderful city of Philadelphia.
My dream job would be working for a Philadelphia sports team doing media or public relations.
I am a HUGE Philly sports fan.

I have 2 wonderful dogs and if I was a millionaire I would volunteer at an animal shelter and rescue as many animals as I could.
I love to cook, read and write.
I'm not naturally fashionable, I have to work at it.
I recently got engaged to a wonderful man.
After 9 long and wonderful years, Tim finally asked me to marry him.
I have a slight shopping addiction.
I love shoes, purses, scarves and makeup.
I watch way too many TV shows.
I'm obsessed with all things Twilight and Hunger Games.
I can't go anywhere without my iPod.
Most importantly, Dunkin' Donuts wins over Starbucks any day in my book.

Follow along as I try new fashion trends, start wedding planning and just enjoy life.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do writing it.
Feedback is thoroughly appreciated. 

♥ Erin