Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The End of the Road...For Now

This has been a couple months in the making and I have been putting it off and putting it off. I apologize for being dormant pretty much for the majority of 2013. Let me explain.

For those of you who know me personally, you know I've had a pretty good/busy 2013 thus far. A lot of good things to celebrate. When I started this blog (don't worry, I'll circle back), I did it as a creative outlet. I didn't have a job in my field and I knew I needed to stay current in my preferred field while also keeping sane, which meant being creative about something. Almost 4 years later, I would have never thought I'd have learned as much as I did or met the most amazing people all because of blogging. Most of you bloggy friends don't know this part, FYI. When Tim and I moved back to PA in 2011, it was a very tough time for us. Our relationship was strained and on top of it, we had a very hard time finding jobs. Within a few months, Tim had found one, our relationship had grown stronger, but unfortunately I was still minus a job. To support myself I waitressed as I had done throughout college. I was miserable. I was interviewing like crazy with absolutely no luck. I was getting really discouraged. Our lives were on hold, literally. Without a job, we couldn't buy a house or get married. We needed to start our life, we had a plan. I just needed a job. I swore 2013 was going to be my year. So, I buckled down and spent all of my time looking for a job. And you know what, it finally paid off. Not only do I have a job, but I have a job in my career and I enjoy what I'm doing!

Blogging became work for me and I always told myself that if it stopped being fun, I'd stop doing it. And that's what pretty much happened. I ultimately didn't have the time or the money to take it to the next level. Now some of you are probably saying, "who cares? you blog to blog, it doesn't matter about stats or sponsors or followers." Well, first of all I'm a really competitive person and I also like gratification. If I'm not succeeding, I'm not happy. I didn't just want it to be about my writing. I wanted people to like my blog, like me and like what I had to say. I know most of you who read did, so I didn't fail there. But you get to a point where you go, it's not just about the writing. I want this to be great. And I knew if I didn't have the resources to do it i.e. the time or money (because if I did, this thing would be bangin' yo), I just had to take a step back.

I looked around and realized I was spending most if not all my free time on the computer writing, designing, tweeting, pinning, reading, entering freaking amazing contests, etc! I almost stopped actually living my life. And please, I hope I don't offend those of you who juggle work, home, life and blogging. I was just sick of describing my life to people, I wanted to live it! I didn't want to feel obligated to blog for 2 hours about my weekend in the city, because you know I would!

While I miss a lot of you dearly, and you know who you are. I know I won't lose touch, but I know when it's time to just take a step back and do what ya gotta do. I gave it 4 wonderful years. It's time I took some much needed me time.

So here's the plan. In about a week or two, this blog is going to become private. I'm not deleting it. I want the chance to be able to come back to it if I want. The blog FB page will be deactivated. My twitter will stay the same, I still use it quite frequently to holla about what's going on. And if you think I'm giving up my Pinterest page, you have lost your damn minds. So, tweet me, pin me, text me (if you got the digits). I'm still here, but I'm chillin'. I understand if you unfollow, I'd probably do the same. I'm actually really surprised after 3 months of nothing, I only lost 4 followers. Love you guys! LOL. Oh and I still have the same email for the blog, I'm not getting rid of it. If you need me, you can always email

Circling back to my awesome 2013...well those of you know that Tim and I got engaged in October. Like I said we were waiting for me to get a job in order to start our lives. Since the job, we have taken the necessary steps to purchase a home which we hope to have done by summer. Once we're settled, and I've redecorated the whole house thanks to Pinterest, I am then tasked planning of course! So, I kinda got a lot of things on my plate.

For my BBFF's, you know who you are, I will always love you. I'm so glad I got the chance to connect and meet you. For those who were just there to help out, give some advice or just listen, I'll miss you guys so much. The blogging community can be dramatic, but it also has a great sense of sisterhood. I was happy to be a part of. Take care everyone! I'll catch ya on the flip side (yep, that's a movie quote).

♥ Erin