Thursday, January 17, 2013

This is What Happens When I Get Low on Blog Post Ideas...

I  come across amazing posts from fellow bloggers that help me out on a slow week.
At least some of you are being creative lately.

Listening...Lissie - "Go Your Own Way" from the Safe Haven trailer.
Eating...My grandmother's homemade cookies called kiffles (I only get them once a year).
Drinking...Milk, duh, I'm eating cookies.
Wearing...Pajamas. Flannel pajama pants from Gilligan & OMalley at Target and a t-shirt from Harpoon Brewery in Boston.
Feeling...Productive, I'm getting a lot done tonight.
Weather...38 degrees and raining. Expected to get freezing rain and snow into the morning. Sweet.
Needing...To get more sleep. My schedule is still off from the holidays.
Wanting...To get a job soon. 2013 is my year, I know it.
Thinking...That I shouldn't let certain stuff bother me, in the end I'm the better person. I have no trouble sleeping at night.
Enjoying...Eating these amazing cookies.
... inspired by this.

♥ Erin

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