Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organization is Always a Great New Year's Resolution

I hate New Years resolutions.
I never seem to keep them longer then the month of January.
However, I've been able to find one that actually lasts me all year round.
Unfortunately, I'm limited in space right now or I'd be doing more. Once Tim and I are in our own place again, there will be many stops at Target, IKEA and the Container Store.
All three of those stores are best for organizing at a reasonable price. I swear by them.

Anyway, I always need to reorganize the cabinet under my sink. It seems to get out of control every few months or so. Ever since I implemented a few of these techniques, I only need to tidy up. No more mess!

Way, way back in my early days of blogging I reorganized the cabinet under my sink. It was very successful. Back then though, I had way more space because Tim and I had our own place. Now, being back at home, I have more crap that needs to fit in a smaller space. I also needed to find a new home for my always growing nail polish collection. Should I tell you I need to order another bin for that? Shocker.

All containers were purchased at Target except the nail polish bin, that was purchased here.
The accessories container is an easy move for when I need to get to my polish.

Now, as far the makeup goes, getting that container was a life saver.
I needed to cut down on my counter space and this helped a lot. 

I could probably use a divider in the last drawer for all my eyeliners and mascara, but other than that I find things super easy.

There you have it.
It doesn't have to be drastic or cost you ungodly amounts.
This whole set up cost me under $20 and only took a half hour of my time to do.

How do you currently organize that "under the sink" mess?

♥ Erin


Frances @ It's Sew My Style said...

I don't have an under the sink space, but I do have a similar container for my make-up. I find that it's most efficient to use the drawers and have it organized that way. Great minds think alike I guess ;)

Kristen said...

i have that same 3 drawer thing in my closet and i use it for old makeup, bracelets, and hair stuff. i need one though for my makeup like you have though.

Aubrey said...

my under the sink mess looks almost exactly the same as yours. i might need another bin though.

Samantha said...

Great minds do think alike!! I need to organize our bathroom now ;)