Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Favorite Book of 2012

I didn't read as much in 2012 as I would have liked, but what I did read I loved.
Back in August, I finally read the book, The Passage by Justin Cronin.
It was published in 2010 and immediately sky rocketed to The New York Times Best Sellers List.
In case you haven't read it, you can read my review.

Cutting to the chase, I loved it. But I have to admit, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. When I finished the book, I was pissed. It ended with several major cliff hangers. I had no idea it was the first book of a series. A sense of panic and relief washed over me. When was the next book coming out? How long would I have to wait in agony?

Luckily, it was just a short 2 months. The second book, The Twelve, came out in October. I finally managed to start reading it around Thanksgiving. Once again it was massive with small print and I had to wiki the first book at times to refresh my memory. There are a bazillion characters to remember.

Again, I couldn't put it down. I loved it.
Now I have to wait until 2014 for the final book.
It will be totally worth it.

From goodreads:

At the end of The Passage, the great viral plague had left a small group of survivors clinging to life amidst a world transformed into a nightmare. In the second volume of this epic trilogy, this same group of survivors, led by the mysterious, charismatic Amy, go on the attack, leading an insurrection against the virals: the first offensives of the Second Viral War.

To do this, they must infiltrate a dozen hives, each presided over by one of the original Twelve. Their secret weapon: Alicia, transformed at the end of book one into a half human, half viral—but whose side, in the end, is she really on?

Honestly, that description doesn't even scratch the surface of the book.
There is so much going on, with new twists and turns.
This series has kept me on the edge of my seat. I cannot wait until 2014.
Oh, and apparently the movie rights have been sold. Score!

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Have you read The Passage or The Twelve
How did The Twelve compare as a sequel?

♥ Erin


tara said...

sounds like i need to add this to my to-read list!

Leanna Vera said...

My best friend just recommended this series to me! I'm planning on tackling it next month.