Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Holiday Hiatus and What Not

It's me.
Your long lost blog friend Erin.
Can I just say thank you?
I needed that holiday break.
It was so nice just to unplug and spend time with my friends and family.
So thank you for letting me do that.
Hopefully, I won't have to reintroduce myself again to most of you.
I know some of you are new here and then I kinda just took a break.
I still want to get to know all of you and hope you still want to get to know me.
So here's what to expect this week...

For starters, my holidays in pictures. I took so many awesome pictures with my new birthday gift (hint, hint), I can't wait to share them with you.

So let's not dawdle (I had to look up the spelling to that word).
I'm just going to get right back into it.

Let's start with my birthday...
Now that is an interesting story.

As most of you know, I turned the big 30 recently.
Pretty much the day before, I got sick.
What started as a chest cold, developed into a full blown stuffed up nose, watery eye, fever type mess. I was determined to make it to dinner with my family. And that's what I did. I got home from work, took my medicine, squeezed my feverish butt into tights, put on a dress and went to dinner.
I looked nice too, well except for the red nose, watery eyes and pale complexion.

My birthday flowers. One from Tim and one from my mommy.
Sucking it up for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants. Did I tell you I couldn't breathe?
Dinner was wonderful.
Well at least I think it was.
I couldn't.taste.anything.
Imagine your favorite food sitting in front of you, being totally starved and not being able to taste a damn thing.
Yep, that was me.
After that, I started to fade. Quickly.
It was time to head home, put on some pjs and eat some cake!
My step mom makes all our cakes for us because she's a phenomenal baker. We all look forward to it every year.
So we go home and get changed. Much better.
Then I decide it's a good idea to take my medicine and have a cup of tea.
Bad idea.
See I'm a terrible pill taker, and I was trying a new medicine that happened to have horse pills.
So I took one pill, a little tough but I did it.
I go for the second pill. That one was a little more difficult.
Let's just say it went down the wrong tube.
Next thing I know, there's vomit everywhere.
As I was trying to head for the sink I lost it, all over my kitchen.
So I spent the next 45 minutes cleaning my kitchen.
Do you know how hard it is to clean something when you can't smell?
I don't recommend it.

Washing my vomit covered sweatshirt. My family felt the need to document it.
So after that excitement, I opened up presents.

My parents got me a birthday card for someone turning 100.
My amazing gift from my fabulous fiance.
And then there was cake.
Which I didn't eat.
Or blow my candles out because I had "the sickness".
So Tim did it for me.

My beautious cake.
Even the dogs gathered round for the show. Yes there are 30 candles on my cake.
So what happens next you ask?
I went to bed...at 10 pm.
Turning 30 is really rough.
I don't recommend it.

Moral of the story?
30 is the new 50.
Just kidding.
The moral is, being sick on your birthday sucks.
At least I have a funny story to tell.

My first order of business after getting my new camera?
Taking pictures of my birthday loot! (Gimme the loot, gimme the loot)

- Gilligan & OMalley flannel pajamas from Target (the best pajama pants ever, love them)
- Sony NEX-F3 camera
- Guess riding boots
- Urban Decay Fun, Feminine and Dangerous palettes
- Hand painted wine glass "30 is the new 20"
- Snow White and the Huntsman DVD

Also, my wonderful friends who got me the wine glass also bought me a years subscription to BRIDES magazine! That will totally come in handy! Thank you again Ben and Wendy!

I'm so excited about my new camera. I can't wait to start taking better pictures for the blog.
I also can't wait to show you some of the amazing looks I'm going to create with 3 Urban Decay palettes!!

I promise the rest of my holiday stories don't include projectile vomiting!
So glad to be back!

♥ Erin


tara said...

BOO to barf on your birthday!! i am beyond jealous of all the UD palettes you got!

Kristen said...

i can't believe you were sick on your bday, that's the pits! you totally made out though, can't wait to see you test out the new palettes! which camera did you get? we're looking to buy a new one for the baby

Kasey Lynne said...

Yay! Glad you're back.
I want those boots. and the palettes.
Isn't that movie SO good??