Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Things I'm Not Ashamed to Admit

Last week the fabulous Erin from Living in Yellow had an amazing post.
She asked her readers to leave comments anonymously for the day. The catch was to get them to post things they would only post anonymously, such as embarrassing stories or admitting to cleaning the toilet with someone's toothbrush. Ya know, the juicy stuff.
Well almost a week later, she has 817 comments and counting.
And I definitely left at least 2 comments filled with my secrets!

Now I'm not here to copy her post or the original idea from Steph at Beautiful Mess. Mostly because there were HILARIOUS comments posted, there were also some very scary and depressing comments as well. I'm not really ready to bring that over here.

However, I'm going to take their idea and run with it.
Behold, things I'm not ashamed to admit.
I'm going to tell you some things about me that can be pretty embarrassing, but I'm willing to share.

1.) I totally pee in the shower, and I've never had athlete's foot because of it. At least that's what I tell myself.

2.) I love to peel. Whenever I get a sunburn, I can't wait until I my skin starts peeling. I try to do it to Tim, but he always get annoyed and says I'm pulling his arm hair.

3.) I have totally Facebook stalked a number of people in my life, exes, ex-best friends, etc.

4.) I fart, it happens, it's a fact of life. There's nothing wrong with you if you do.

5.) I get annoyed by most people's kids (not my friend's kids though), mostly stranger's kids.

6.) I don't floss my teeth unless there's something stuck in it. It's like nails on a chalk board to me. I just can't do it.

7.) I love fast food, but I try to keep my cravings at bay. However when I break down, I've been known to eat almost $13 worth of food. As far as fast food prices go, that's a lot of food.

8.) My right boob is bigger than my left boob.

9.) I laugh when I see people fall or trip in public.

10.) Even though it's natural, I have a really hard time pooping in public. Sometimes I'll hold it until I get home.

11.) I try not to, but I totally judge girls before getting to know them.

12.) Sometimes I really wonder how certain blogs are so popular because they post about stupid crap.

13.) I curse entirely too much.

14.) I've always wanted to take "sexy" pictures of myself and send them to Tim and then I look at them and think, "OMG I look terrible" or "what if someone else sees it"?

15.) I burp like a guy and I burp louder than most guys I know. Because of that my step dad is convinced I have some gastrointestinal problem.

16.) I get so much satisfaction from pulling out in-grown hairs.

17.) I HATE body hair, but sometimes I just get too lazy to shave.

Alright, 17 seemed like a good number to stop at! So there you have it, 17 kind of embarrassing things that I'm not ashamed to tell you. That's because after reading all those (now 818) comments, I realized we're all a little f'd up. And if you can't admit that, then you have a problem.

So what do I ask of you, my non-judgmental followers?
Leave me a comment anonymously, as yourself, as someone else, whatever, and tell me something you're not ashamed to admit.
If you're really brave, do a full post on it. Just make sure you tell me about it. I'd love to read it.

♥ Erin


trish Williams said...


Danielle said...

I'm with you on 2, 3, 4, 5 (but sometimes I get annoyed with my friend's kids too) 6, 9, 12, 16, & 17! WHAT?!

Neely said...

I get annoyed by even my friends kids

Kristine said...

Dude. I didn't realize just how alike we were until I read this. It's now clear to me that we were meant to become friends. Who would've thought?!

:) love you!

tara said...

lol! you are hilarious! i burp really loud too! :)

Kate said...

I hear you on the farting... the average person farts 14 times a day #thethingsyoulearnfrompinterest

Kristen said...

1. i totally pee in the shower too. almost daily.

2. i don't peel when i sunburn, but i'll peel my husband's sunburn.

3. i pick every single scab. i can't help it.

4. i can poop anywhere. except maybe in the wilderness, then i'd have to REALLY have the urge.