Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pinterest Makes Me Feel More Creative

Especially when it comes to outfits.
I've told you that I'm not good at styling naturally, right?
Well I'm not.
And 5 years ago all I wore was white, brown, black and grey.
I didn't really know how to accessorize.
I bought the same items in different colors.
I also lived in Abercrombie & Fitch for 2 years (when I worked there).
I'm not quite sure how I got any dates or met Tim for that matter.

I digress.
Pinterest makes me feel like I am a fashionista, crafter, hair stylist, makeup artist, DIY'er and chef!
It's fantastic!
Well you know how I love to share my Pinterest recreations.
Here's another one from a couple weeks ago.

Picture this...
Brunch with Tim's family for his mom's birthday in a casual, but nicer restaurant.



Sweater from JCrew
Chambray top from Old Navy
Jeans from Rock & Republic
Mossimo Ona Patent Ballet Flat from Target
Rose Gold Statement Necklace from Nu Sans Bijoux
I think this has been one of my fave recreations because I had literally everything in the original photo (or at least identical items).

What do you think of my Pinterest recreation?

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♥ Erin


Leanna Vera said...

That outfit is adorable!

Caroline said...

I love that outfit. You did a great job recreating it!

Tayler said...

You look great! I need to upgrade the wardrobe a little bit now that I'm in grad school, and you just helped me out...I'm going to use Pinterest to find basic pieces I can use for "professional" wear.

Brooke said...


I love pinning too! So fun!



Kristen said...

i love pinterest, if only i could afford everything i pinned. that outfit looks great! and your hair is amazeballs. i want.

Amber said...

LOVE it.. you look great!

I suck at recreating outfits, and I'm like you were 5 years ago. I only wear black, navy and dark gray. BORING!

Kasey Lynne said...

It pretty much looks identical!
Good job girl.