Monday, November 19, 2012

My Favorite Two Store Collabo

I gotta tell you, I had so many other titles for this post.
Every one I came up with was inappropriate.
Like "Two Store Tag Team".
*Shaking my head*
Anyway, if you haven't heard of the Neiman Marcus/Target partnership for the holidays then you are officially on another planet.
I can't wait until the items are available.
Unfortunately, I want things for myself, not for others.
And this time of year = not buying things for myself.
But I can still look.

Here are my top pics from this legendary line:

Altuzarra for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Old Fashioned Glasses ($49.99), Shaker ($49.99) and Tray ($79.99)

Marc Jacobs for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Pouch, $69.99 each

rag & bone for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Shot Glasses, $19.99 (set of 4)

Robert Rodriguez for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Dress, $99.99

I know, I know only 4 things??!!
Honestly, I think this is an amazing collaboration.
Some of the products are affordable and stylish, but I have to admit I was kind of disappointed in some designers.
Dear Tory, Marchesa, Carolina, and Diane:

A thermos, notepads, a yoga mat and children's wear. Really? Heaven forbid you provide clothing or some sort of purse. It kinda irritated me. Like, you don't make enough money on your high end products to make something of worth for us little people? I would have paid $150 for a clutch from DvF or a nice skirt from Carolina Herrera. It's still cheaper than their regular prices. Anyone feel like this? Don't get me wrong, most designers went above and beyond! I'm so impressed with what Robert Rodriguez provided. So cute. In the end, the ladies let me down.

Still, these items will be on my Christmas list as long as they don't sell out in one day.
For the entire Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection Look Book click here.

Which items from this collection have you added to your Christmas list?

♥ Erin


Danielle said...

That dress is gorgeous! It's similar to an IGIGI dress I've been lusting over for a few weeks!

Neely said...

Im disappointed in the Tory Stuff coming to Target :(

Sarah S. said...

LOVE that black lace dress.

tara said...


Amber said...

I need that dress, and one of the Marc Jacobs clutches. If I go broke.. I'm blaming you! ;)