Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Knew I'd Get Around to Posting This Eventually

I'm super behind on some of my posts.
Two weeks ago, the fam went on a Halloween hayride.
It's really hard to take pictures while being pulled by a tractor.
So, my pictures are pretty blurry.
Well, that and my step mom took the pictures.
My bad.

Good news? I documented my first really cold weather outfit.
Check it out.

Sweater from GAP (old)
Grey Tank Top by Mossimo from Target
Chambray Shirt from Express
White Vest from GAP (old)
Skinny Jeans from Express (old)
Socks from Nine West
Intyce Boots from Steve Madden
 So now on to the hayride.

Me and the little sis.

Hanging out by the campfire.

Yep, being pulled by a tractor=blursville.
So what else do I have for you today?
Well I thought I'd share how Hurricane Sandy looked from my house.
We really lucked out. We never lost power and all of our trees are in tact.
I know a lot of people who weren't so lucky.
Please make sure you donate anything you can to Hurricane Sandy victims. Even if it's canned goods, toilet paper and diapers. Donate to the Red Cross here.

Beginning of the day, view from the front and back of our house.

Once the wind really kicked up.

Since we didn't know if we were going to lose power, we had a Twilight marathon.

The aftermath. Just a lot of debris.
Like I said, we really lucked out.
Every time I leave my house, I see more damage in my surrounding area.
It's just crazy.

If you were in the vicinity of Sandy, how did you get through it?
I hope you guys were as lucky as us!

Have you entered the awesome November group giveaway I'm apart of? You should.
Do it now.

♥ Erin


lil desiqua said...

My view of Sandy looked like yours, except with board games instead of movies! Definitely counting my lucky stars!
Love your boots!

Kristen said...

i love the vest! i really want a black one, i went to old navy this weekend bc they were half off, but they were all out! of course. story of my life.