Friday, October 26, 2012

What I'm Watching

I watch a lot of TV.
I don't normally like adding new shows to my repertoire, but sometimes it works out.
I added a few goodies this year and I'm happy I did.
I hope they're on your lists as well.
If not, they need to be soon.

The newbies:

This show is amazing. If you haven't checked it out yet, you must. I got quite a few people addicted to it. Even if you're not a country music fan, it's a must see. And it actually got me into some of the music. You can download it on iTunes.
 The New Normal
I love Ellen Barkin in this show, her and Andrew Rannells make this show. It can get a little off the cuff, but I'm not offended easily. A nice laugh out loud new comedy.

Emily Owens M.D.
I gave this show a shot because I was super bored one night and I was pleasantly surprised. It's like Grey's Anatomy meets Ally McBeal. Love it. You can't go wrong with one of Meryl Streep's daughters either.

The Veterans:

 The Vampire Diaries
I'm hoping something else comes out of this Elena being a vampire storyline. I just feel like it's too early to have done this and she's getting off kind of easy. Everyone else had a hell of a time adjusting to life as a vampire. Elena seems to have little problem. I still love it, but I'm hoping it picks up a bit.

I legit can't believe this show has been on for 8 years. I also can't believe that I still watch it, but every year I tune in for more. I just love Sam and Dean and I love looking at them too. An oldy, but a goody.
Do I really need to say anything about this show? If you watch it, you get it. If you don't, I suggest you renting last season and catching up.
 Once Upon A Time
I think the plot of this show is so unique, it surprises me every week. I'm so happy it's back. 

 Boardwalk Empire
With all the vampire and fairy crap I watch, I need a little gangster in my life.

Gossip Girl
I never finished season 5 so I haven't started the final season yet. It sounds like it's in.sane! I can't wait to catch up!

 The Big Bang Theory
If you don't love this show, there is something wrong with you. I could watch this show all day everyday and not grow tired of it.

What I'm waiting for:

Counting down the days till these shows hit the airwaves in 2013.

What are you watching right now?
I love suggestions, send them my way!

♥ Erin


Allison said...

I watch some of the same shows. I'm definitely ready for Smash to come back!
Maybe after what happened last night in TVD, there will be a new twist for Elena.

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

I watch a lot of TV too (tho my DVR crapped out & I lost the last season of OTH that I was saving up - I need to buy it).

I'm loving Nashville & OUAT too. Revenge is awesome. Scandal is really good and so is Sons of Anarchy (both are on Netflix, I think, if you have that). Oh & Homeland & Dexter if you have Showtime.

Neely said...

LOVING Nashville!

xo kelsey said...

Once Upon A Time is my absolute favorite!!! This weekend's episode looks intense. I can't wait for Carrie Diaries to premiere!


Kristen said...

i'm really sad we don't live closer and could watch these together. or at least in the same time zone where we could text about them. sheesh. you're not missing anything on gg. i'm an episode (or 2 behind), the VD is super boring and elena bugs the shit out of me. i don't think i'm gonna pick up smash again. i too just watch so much tv. but i do it and multi task. like now as i'm typing this comment.