Monday, October 29, 2012

Toy & Treat Swap Reveal

I love swaps.
I wish I could afford to do every single one of them.
When I saw this cute swap specifically for my four legged kids, I just had to jump on it.

And of course I was paired up with another truly amazing blogger and close blog friend, Kristine (aka Tree - don't even try to understand it).
Her four legged kids, Marlin and Frank, sent my critters some awesome stuff that they've been playing with all week!

I told her Dakota LOVES peanut butter and tennis balls and Utley LOVES ropes.

2 of everything so they don't fight!
Well I tried to get pictures of them playing with the ropes. They played tug of war for hours and I couldn't get a good, non-blurry shot. So you'll have to settle for pictures of Utley attempting to eat the rope herself.

You can see the toy basket in the background that's already full of toys. Btw, that's 1 of 2 that they have.

Thank you Aunt Kristine for all our new toys and treats!
And thank you to Cole and Nola for hosting such a great and unique swap!!

♥ Erin


Cole said...

I'm so glad that you and Kristine had fun swapping! Utley looks really into playing with her rope toy. :-)

Mrs. Jones said...

So cute! I've got to finish my post after work tonight, but I have to say, this was my favorite swap to take part in! :-)

Nola said...

So glad you had fun with the swap!

Kristine said...

BAHAHAH yesssss... I love that the beebs love their new toys!