Monday, October 15, 2012

Something Awesome Happened

So I was a little MIA last week.
I have an excuse.
I was quite a social butterfly.
I had things to tell people.
Now I get to tell you.

Tuesday night, Tim and I went out for Philly restaurant week to Del Frisco's Steak House.
We had a phenomenal meal, ended up ordering off the main menu.
So, the dessert comes.
Tim's amazing looking chocolate souffle gets put right in front of him.
My creme brulee gets put more than an arms length away from me.
I was like WTF?

Next thing I know, this was put directly in front of me.

No, that doesn't say "Manny me".
Yep, that SOB got me.
I had no idea.
I laughed, I cried.
Then I couldn't eat my dessert because I was so excited.

I ate it a couple days ago.
It was still good.

The restaurant, Del Frisco's, is in a very old bank building in center city that had been completely renovated. 
But they still kept the vault (and the door) and made it a private dining room. 
They gave us a tour of the restaurant after we were done. 
It was amazing.

At our table.
With our waitress, Kyra.

In the wine tower.
 After we ate, we headed over to Love Park to take some pictures and celebrate.

And here's another picture that I just fell in love with.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or my personal FB page you already knew this.
But peeps were asking for the full story.
Well that's it.
No other plans made.
I'm just enjoying my awesome engagement, 9 years in the making.

Oh and for those of you wondering, this is what I'm wearing:
Metallic Striped Top from Forever 21
Zelda Jean Leggings from Express
Ashland Pump in Gold by Gomax
Two tone bracelet from Lollysheep

Thank you to everyone who already sent me sweet messages.
I can't wait to start blogging wedding ideas!
So that's my engagement story.
What's yours?

♥ Erin


Melanie said...

CONGRATS!! How exciting :)

Neely said...

I shall once again tell you how happy I am for you!!!!!!

Samantha said...

Congrats :) And you had some awesome looking nails for the occasion!

Chelsea MacMeekin said...

Best wishes on your engagement!! Enjoy wedding planning and soak up every minute!!


Christina said...

Congratulations!!!! So happy for you guys!!!

Niki Caron said...

OMG!!!! I just teared up! That is so awesome! What a great way to ask :) You look soooo happy! Congratulations!!!

Mrs. Williams {Persnickety Plates} said...

Awww congratulations!! I'm excited to read about your wedding plans.

Our engagement was around 8 years in the making :)

Lyndsy said...

congratulations! that is so exciting! and how sweet :) the ring is gorgeous :)

Lindsay said...

Congrats! Gorgeous ring!

tara said...

beautiful ring, girl!!! congrats!!

Mrs. Jones said...

Del Frisco's AND an engagement? Girl, your life is GOOD! Del Frisco's is a huge family favorite when we hit NYC. Best wishes as you start this awesome journey! Enjoy every minute!

Keri said...

Congrats Erin!!!! :)

Kristen said...

so happy for you and just knew it was gonna happen soon for you guys!! what a sweet surprise!

Krystal said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =] A Marco Island wedding in the works?! LOL Congrats!