Thursday, June 14, 2012

Victoria's Secret Annual Sale FTW!

I love VS's annual sale, although I have to admit sometime I miss it because I forget. Well yesterday I just happened to be at the mall and was like, "I should go in there, I need some bras". What do you think I bought? Makeup and perfume. For real. I got completely sidetracked while I was in there. I've been meaning to try their makeup for a really long time. I've read countless posts (especially by my BBFF Kristen) from you guys raving about some of their products. I'm so excited to try everything I got.

This beauty was $30, marked down to 50% off, got it for $15!
So what's in it you ask?

I wasn't a fan of the Heavenly perfume so I started trying the other kinds they sell (which is like 50). I fell in LOVE with...

The massive bottle was $65, so I picked up a smaller bottle near the register for $10. This scent may become one of my top 3 fragrances. It's that good.

I'm so proud of my purchases, especially when I get a lot for not that much money. I'm also very excited to try new products. Review to come!

Do you use VS makeup? Which VS cosmetics can't you live without?

♥ Erin


Kristen said...

ooooh i'll have to check out the sale, i got a little pack of trial perfumes a while ago, and i want to buy some of them in the big bottles!

Leanna Vera said...

I don't use VS make-up but I always buy up a bunch of bathing suits during their semi-annual sale. I'm trying to resist tis time but it's hard!