Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Serious Questions with My Favorite Bloggers

Not really.
Try silly questions that randomly pop into my head while I'm doing something mundane like brushing my teeth with my favorite bloggers. I just thought that was too long of a blog title to be honest with you.

So like I said, I was doing something mundane and all of a sudden I thought of a funny idea for a blog post.

I asked some of my favorite bloggers, if you could live in any story world, what would it be? 
Harry Potter, Twilight or Hunger Games

Yep folks, that's the kind of stuff that pops into my head as I'm washing my face, walking my dogs or eating. 

Thank you ladies for kindly obliging me.

"I've never read Twilight, but I loved Harry Potter! I'd be too scared for Hunger Games!!"

"if i could live in any story world it would definitely be the magical world of mister Harry Potter.
invisible cloaks, butter beer,  bffs with goblins, unicorns, and giants…yes yes yes!
juuuust as long as the O.W.L and N.E.W.T exams weren’t too difficult.
i’m pretty positive i would prefer broomsticks to cars - less pollution, less traffic = happier people.
plus,  i’m much more partial to flying memos/owl letter delivery then boring old email.  
more personal, you know?
and really, this world, is probably the safest place in all the land now that Voldemort is dead
and the wizarding people are able to live in peace once more. hoorrraay! sign me up"

Kristen @ Love, Lipstick, and Pearls

"1. harry potter, i think that's a given for me.
2. little women.
3. stardust."

"I would go with Harry Potter.  I love the idea of being able to use magic to fly or apparate to travel all over the world."

 "I'd be in Twilight only if I could pet Jacob"

"I would live in Harry potter and be hermoine granger. She is far smarter than anyone else in that world and she doesn't use her beauty to get what she wants. She always speaks her mind and she actually wants to do well. She is looked down on because she's part muggle but rises above that. Clearly I have a girl crush on Hermoine."

"Does it HAVE to be those three movies? Or could I pick another one?
I just don't read any of those things :( or watch the movies haha."

*I just had to post this because she cracks me up.*

"I have a confession.
I read the first book in the Harry Potter series and I just couldn’t get into it.
But Twilight and Hunger Games? I couldn’t put these books down! They spoke right to my inner teenager.
I even wore a Team Edward, homemade t-shirt when the first movie came out.  Judge away. Or scream “Team Jacob” at me, which is a lost cause if you’ve read all the books. We all know Edward wins!
When Erin asked which story world I would want to live in and which character I’d like to be, I couldn’t decide. Which is typical for me. I’m a best-of-both-worlds kinda gal, aka really indecisive.
So, to answer Erin’s questions, I’d love to live in the Twilight world and be Katniss.
I’d want to live in the Twilight story world because of the mystery of it. The secret and beauty of it. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be ridiculously strong, fast or good-looking or protected by someone who was? And don’t we already live in a world like the one in the Hunger Games? Think about it. There are those wealthy, out-of-touch-with-reality people and those who are starving. There are those who kill for sport and to make a point. And there are those who accept that way things are and those who fight for change or make the world a better place one small act of kindness at a time. Welcome to Earth, my friends.
There is no question that I’d want to be Katniss. Hands down. She’s brave, caring, independent, driven and tells it like it is. All attractive qualities in my book. Plus, she’s not whiny, annoying or pathetic like Bella can be sometimes. I’m not a fan of learned helplessness or self-pity. I’m all about taking responsibility and being honest. Team Katniss!
Great. Now I’m going to walk around with my hair in a braid, fighting human-blood-sucking vampires and snuggling with werewolves.
So which story world would you live in? Which character would you be" 
And finally my answer...
"It's really hard to pick because I LOVE all three stories. However, I wouldn't want to live in the Hunger Games world that's for sure. I think I would ultimately pick Harry Potter land because I think it would definitely be the most fun. It would be even more fun if I could take Peeta there with me. I would be a witch and he would be my muggle." 

So, which world would you choose? Or would you make your own?

P.S. If you don't follow ALL of these ladies, you really should.

♥ Erin


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hahaha This cracks me up... but I would definitely choose Harry Potter!

Chelsea said...

As much of a sucker as I am for tween fiction, I love me some Harry Potter! Love is probably an understatement.


Holly said...

Thanks for including me! Sorry I wrote you a novel. Overthinker is one of my middle names :) Loved everyone's responses!

Kristine said...

Ha, this was awesome :) you're awesome :) loving you!

Kristen said...

so i didn't realize we only had those 3 choices! bahahaha glad one of my answers worked though. LOL

Leanna Vera said...

I'm so glad you wrote this! It was a lot of fun to participate and I loved reading everyone's responses.

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