Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Smash Soundtrack

Finally, after weeks of waiting and waiting, NBC released "The Music Of Smash". The soundtrack includes the Katharine McPhee song I have been wanting since the Super Bowl ad when it premiered (see my post about it here). FYI, I downloaded it at midnight when it came out. Yes I'm that corny. The only other song I was hoping would be on the soundtrack was Katharine McPhee's version of Snow Patrol's "Run" (you know how I love my Snow Patrol). She did an awesome job covering it. Unfortunately, it's not on the iTunes version, it's included on the Target Exclusive version. Hopefully I'll be able to get my hands on it soon. Below are the track listings for the iTunes and Target versions.


1) “Touch Me” featuring Katharine McPhee
2) “Stand” featuring Katharine McPhee and Leslie Odom
3) “Who You Are” featuring Megan Hilty
4) “Crazy Dreams” featuring Megan Hilty
5) “Beautiful” featuring Katharine McPhee
6) “Haven't Met You Yet” featuring Nick Jonas
7) “Shake It Out” featuring Katharine McPhee
8) “Brighter Than the Sun” featuring Katharine McPhee
9) “Let Me Be Your Star” featuring Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty
10) “20th Century Fox Mambo” featuring Katharine McPhee
11) “Mr & Mrs Smith” featuring Megan Hilty and Will Chase
12) “Let’s Be Bad” featuring Megan Hilty
13) “History Is Made At Night” featuring Megan Hilty & Will Chase


The above track listing and 5 bonus songs:

14) "September Song" featuring Angelica Huston
15) "Our Day Will Come" featuring Katharine McPhee
16) "Everything's Coming Up Roses" featuring Bernadette Peters
17) "Breakaway" featuring Megan Hilty
18) "Run" featuring Katharine McPhee

Here are my two faves from the soundtrack in case you haven't heard them:

Are you a fan of "Smash"? Will you be picking up the soundtrack?

♥ Erin


Tracy @ Honey and Nutmeg said...

I heart radio had a Smash station for awhile and I LOVED every second of it. I may have to invest in this soundtrack!

Miss K said...

i love the show too, the music is so good!

Ashley said...

I love Smash! I bought the Target version today, and I just loooove it! I've been a fan of Katharine McPhee since American Idol, and she's just fantastic!

Sara said...

oh my i am so in love with this tv show! def one of my favorites! and i love the music too!