Monday, May 7, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #26

Everything According to Erin

My favorite of the week this week is a must have for everyone, guys AND girls!
Not trying to brag but, I get complimented on my skin. However, I can't take all the credit. My parents have awesome skin, what can I say, I have good genes!

But sometimes, it doesn't matter how good your genes are...

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment
 Zits, meet your worst enemy...
I can't believe I am new to using this product! It's amazing! I get a zit, I apply this stuff a couple times a day, and then I don't have a zit anymore! For reals!

I don't know what is in this product, but to me it's a miracle potion. 
I usually only get a random zit or two on my face that can get out of control and this stuff gets rid of it fast. Ladies, especially in the summer, you know how you tend to break out a little around your bra straps because of the heat? Uh, yeah...this stuff gets rid of them too. Best part about it though? It smells good! I think it smells like guys cologne. No medicine smell here. Only con is it's about 8 bucks for a tiny tube, but it's totally worth it. Plus Allure magazine has named it one of the top beauty products for years. It's my little secret weapon.

What's your favorite of the week?


A Complete Waste of Makeup

Make sure you head on over to one of my fave bloggers today, Neely @ A Complete Waste of Makeup. She got a new bloggy design from the fabulous Jenn @ Munchkinland Designs (the designer who did my FOTW button) and Jenn is giving away and ELITE blog design package to one of Neely's readers! This is a $90 value people! But honestly, I don't want you to enter because I wanna win it! Ok, if you must...enter here!

♥ Erin


Neely said...

Thanks for the sweet shoutout friend!

Amber said...

Whoa, I gotta get me some of this!

Miss K said...

i have this and at first it worked amazing, but now i've been using a neutrogena one. my adult acne is getting out of control!