Monday, April 23, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #24

Everything According to Erin

Happy Monday guys! I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! My favorite of the week this week is a product that I'm sure most of you have heard of and probably have used at some point in your life.

This time every year we're all faced with getting our bodies ready for shorts, skirts and bikinis. Not only are we getting bods in great shape, but we're also trying to get our skin to look good as well. Now unless you're a fake baker all winter long, you are pale. Currently, I'm a nice shade of Casper, if you know what I mean. I put on a pair of shorts the other day and my dad said, "Look at those out of bounds markers!" Yeah, I'm pretty white. So for Easter, there was a nice surprise in my basket. My step mom had got me and my sister this...

I used this product years ago and then stopped when I started getting tan on my own. For some reason I never went back to it for the early spring months and I don't know why. This product rocks. I'm never streaky and it makes my legs a lot more bearable to use it. I haven't started using it anywhere else because I feel like I get the best results on my legs. I might start putting it on my arms, but then you gotta worry about your shoulders and then your chest (it just goes on and on). So for right now, I use it on my legs so I don't look transparent.

My only suggestion to you is make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards AND give it 3 minutes or so to fully dry and soak into your skin. You don't want to mess up any clothes. I've done it before trust me. And no one wants to look at streaky palms because you forgot to wash your hands after using it. I'm sure we've all tried some sort of self tanner in our lives ladies.

How do you prepare your skin for the warmer months? Have you used this product?

♥ Erin


Amber said...

I really need to start using this! I am super white too :-/

Miss K said...

um i live by this product. i like the 3 day glow stuff too. it's a goody.