Monday, April 2, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #21

Everything According to Erin

Happy Monday everyone! How was everyone's weekend? My favorite this week was a pretty easy choice. I finally had the time to sit down and paint my nails this weekend and I was determined to try a different/new polish. The few weeks of almost summer like weather has vanished and winter is trying to give us one last final gust before it finally hides again for 8 months. So I don't feel bad trying out darker colors. As you know I won a few new colors in a recent giveaway (see post) and I was dying to try at least one of them out.

MAC Nail Lacquer in "Fatigues"
I've never tried MAC polish, frankly I don't have a store near me and it's a little too expensive for me. You guys know how I roll, usually OPI or Essie polish. You also know how I LOVE to try new things. Well I think I definitely will be adding more MAC polish to my repertoire!

I am loving this shade! I don't have a green like this and it is such an awesome color. It's great for anytime of the year. In some light it looks super green, in others more gray. It's just so neat, the picture does not do it justice. It has a natural gloss to it that I almost didn't put a clear coat on it. The only reason I did was to add another layer of protection against chipping. The only con I have about this product (and it may just be with only certain colors) is I had to apply 3 coats to get it thick enough and I probably could have even put on a fourth. I just was too lazy. I will say though that each coat dried pretty fast. Even for having to apply 3 coats, it didn't take me very long. I can't wait to try the other color I got, "Deep Sea".

Have you ever used MAC polish? What did you think?

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Celia said...

I finally tried this nail polish about a month or so ago. I loved the color, but the application wasn't my favorite. I may try a couple different colors to get a real feel for the brand. :)

Neely said...

Love that color!

Miss K said...

i've never tried mac polish before and don't plan too bc i'm too cheap for the pricetag! lol