Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Post: Chelsea @ Choose to be Happy

Good morning everyone! Today I have a special treat for all of you. The wonderful Chelsea from Choose to be Happy is guest posting! Chelsea and I have become fast bloggy friends. I stumbled upon her blog and found out that her lovely bf plays for my favorite baseball team's minor league system. We started talking baseball and have continued to talk ever since, I even sponsored her blog for the month of February. If you don't follow her blog, you really should. She is funny and cute and her happiness is down right contagious. So take is away Chels...

hi there! I’m Chelsea from Choose to be Happy 
and i'm pretty excited to virtually be
here today on Erin's bloggie!

my blog is a place for all those
little life things,
life stories and adventures and
it's become a pretty good reminder to

that while life isn't always perfect
and while
saying goodbye to my baseball playing boyfriend for 7 long, long
months is oh-sooo low on my list...
happiness is a
and sometimes, especially in those sad moments, you have to
choose it. 
and so, one of
the maaany things that makes me happy during the pretty spring

 shadow pictures!
 i really have a thing for them

{and half birthdays and
my baseballer and
 kissy faces and
books and
but that's not part of this post
because its in brackets}

they are of course  easy to take
and can be so much fun

 my favorite one has to be the
my cousins and i took at the beach
this summer :)

so while your outside frolicking in the spring time sunshine 
take a picture of your shadow!
it makes for a pretty cute frame worthy picture if you ask me :)

thanks so much for having me Erin! 


♥ Erin


Samantha said...

Love Chelsea! And LOVE shadow pics!

Nicole said...

I love this. Just came over from Chelsea's blog. So cute.

Aimee L said...

Shadow pictures are super fun!!