Monday, March 12, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #18

Everything According to Erin

It's officially the second week of March and here in Philly we're supposed to have a spring like week. Hopefully it will stay, but even if it doesn't I've already started to put away some of my winter clothes. I'm not breaking out my flip flops permanently yet, but I'm already done with my winter coat (unless it decides to get frigid again). There are a few other things that I change in the spring and summer as well. Does anybody only eat certain foods in the winter? I don't really eat soup when it's warm out, that's just my preference. I also change my drinking habits. Most of you know how I love my coffee. When it's warm out, I can't bring myself to drink hot coffee. I have to drink iced coffee. It's one of my favorite daily drinks. I'm so excited my favorite coffee company is rolling out some new spring flavors.

My favorite this week HAS to be Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee. They have three new caramel flavors I'm just dying to try: Caramel Turtle, Caramel Almond and Caramel Mocha. Mmmm, they sound awesome. Thank you DD for never being boring, I never get sick of trying new flavors. I bet by the end of the week I'll have tried all three!

So, what's your favorite of the week?

♥ Erin


Ashlee Miller said...

I heard this coffee is wonderful. Wish we had a Dunkin Dounuts in Nebraska :(

Amber said...

I loooove iced coffee, and sometimes crave it even when it's cold outside!

Miss K said...

i dont drink coffee, i just like the smell :D