Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fashion Star Designs

Last week I checked out NBC's Fashion Star. I have to admit, I kinda like how they went right in for it. Not much back story, they just went right into the designs. You learn more about the individual designers as you go. That's all fine with me because to be honest with you all I care about are the clothes. I was really surprised that Nicole Richie and Jessica Simpson did not annoy me because I was scared they would completely turn me off from the show. I was really impressed with it and I'm going to keep tuning in.

Another great thing is that H&M started an online site just for the clothes they buy from the show (thank goodness). In case you don't know, H&M still does not have online shopping for the US. I'd really like to know who's idea that was, seriously. I was worried that you wouldn't be able to buy the designs the next day, but you can. I didn't see if they had them in my local store, I just assumed they wouldn't since I'm not in a major market like LA or New York.

The three stores that compete for the designs are Macy's, Saks and H&M. Just an FYI, anything that goes to Saks is going to be over priced. My favorite design of the night was bought by Saks and the price was outrageous which stinks, but oh well. There also were a few other designs that I really liked, but were not picked up by the stores.

The rules of the show are each designer presents their designs to the buyers and mentors. At the end of the night, the designers who do not sell any of their items to the buyers will be up for elimination. In addition, celebrity mentors will be able to save one of these designers from the chopping block. In the end, one designer will successfully become the next Fashion Star and will receive the prize of a lifetime - $6,000,000 in orders for capsule collections in Macy's, H&M and Saks Fifth Avenue stores.

The designs Macy's picked up and you can purchase them here (some are sold out).
 I was not a fan of any of these designs. I really liked the Maxi Dress on the runway, but I didn't like the colors they offered to purchase.

This was the only purchase from Saks tonight, you can check it out here (sold out).
This was my favorite design of the night, unfortunately Saks bought and jacked up the price ($350) AND they only offer it in one color. I liked the colors that were used for the original design. Basically it is a tight mini skirt, but has a chiffon overlay that zips off (so you can flash your you know what when it's windy out). Genius!! Below are two of the original designs from the show.

H&M's pickup that you can purchase here (sold out).
This dress was my next favorite design and it was sold out in minutes!!! Plus it was only $19.95! I hope they release more because I am in love with this blue shift dress! Apparently it's still available in stores, so I'll have to go check it out.

Fashion Star is on tonight at 10, I'll definitely be checking it out to see what designs will be premiering. They make them available as soon as the show is over at 11. I definitely don't want to miss out on another dress like I did last week!

Did you check out Fashion Star last week, what did you think?

♥ Erin


My Dressy Ways said...

The girls were talking about it in the office last week so I had to look it up and totally missed out on that gorgeous H&M dress!

Neely said...

I just watched it the other day....such a fun idea!

Caroline said...

I really liked the show too. It was fast paced.

Miss K said...

i didn't watch the show, but that blue shift is gorgeous! absolutely to die for.