Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Must Have Spring/Summer Look

Thank you to Pinterest for making me obsessed with this one look that I can't seem to have. So I am bringing it to you, awesome followers to help me out. I don't care what the trend is or what anyone says. My must have spring/summer look is lace skirts. I don't care what color it is. I want them and I can't seem to find any for under $500. Can someone point me in the right direction? This is why I love you guys.

Source: google.ca via Erin on Pinterest

And not just lace skirts, I'm also loving sequined skirts too (I'm just having better luck with those).

Source: zara.com via Erin on Pinterest

Source: asos.com via Erin on Pinterest

So, what's your must have look for spring/summer? Oh and if you could help me out with finding some of these that would be great. Thanks guys! And if you're not following me on Pinterest, well you should do that too (follow me here).

♥ Erin


Jen said...

Have you tried Etsy? If you don't find exactly what you want someone on there could make something custom for you.

Chelsea said...

LOVING the lace look for the summer!

Caroline said...

such fun skirts. Now, I just need the legs!

Mary Nevin said...

the lace is just so elegant!! I know a lot of great etsy shops have skirts\shorts like this for sale that are better quality and very competitive pricing with the urban outfitters, ect of the world

beautiful post as always!

Neely said...

obsessed with the lace skirts!!!

Miss K said...

i love both looks! i've got nothing for you on the lace, but i'm sure it would be easy to diy on top of a skirt.