Monday, February 6, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #13

This week my favorite is an absolute must have for the winter. I've blogged about it before (see post), but since so many of you are new I felt that I just had to introduce you all to it.

Redken Refining Sea Polish
This, my friends is my savior in the winter. In the winter my hair tends to really hold on to the products I use and can get really dry. I use this once a week and poof that build up feeling in my hair is gone AND it is super shiny! Your scalp and hair need to exfoliated just like your face and this stuff does the trick.

"Free of parabens, sulfates and silicones, Redken Nature's Rescue Line relies on the ocean's plant and marine extracts to deeply cleanse hair and restore its moisture while smoothing the cuticle. The line is based on a proprietary Sea Algea HydraComplex that contains sea algae and soy protein to protect and replenish hair, as well as, aloe vera to moisturize. The fragrance is reminiscent of an ocean breeze."

Seriously folks, no joke, this is one of my must have beauty products hands down. It is a life saver for me. I have thin/fine hair, but a lot of it. So it tends to get weighed down very easily with products. For some reason it gets worse in the winter. In the summer I may only use it once a month.

When you first put it in, it literally feels like you're putting in sand. My first thought was, "How am I ever going to get this out of my hair?" I couldn't believe how easy it washed out.

Do you use a product like this? How did you like it?

♥ Erin


Jennifer B said...

I definitely added this to Pinterest. My scalp could use a good exfoliation.

Neely said...

I want

Jennifer B said...

Also, I just wrote my post for next Monday :)

Miss K said...

this couldn't have come at a better time, i've been looking for a good cleanser shampoo. thanks bbff!!

Kristin said...

You had me at super shiny!