Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Scarf Hanger

I saw this DIY scarf organizer from Fab Fatale's blog a few weeks ago and I just knew i had to use the same idea! My closet is over flowing with scarves and I needed to organize them stat. I'm actually surprised that I found this idea on her blog and not on Pinterest which is where I expected to find it. Anyway, this is a cheap and quick DIY to organize your scarves if you are a scarf hoarder like me (I know so many of you are).

Velvet 4 Row Hangers $6.99 (pack of 2)

Shower Hooks $7.99 a piece

I was a little disappointed with the choice of shower rings at Target. I ended up getting two kinds: plain round ones for my thicker scarves and a package that was a little more decorative. I still have plenty of rings left over and plenty of room on my hangers to add more. This was super easy and just freed up tons of room in my closet. Now I can find all of my scarves! I just love DIY projects!

Have you done a DIY project lately?

♥ Erin


Samantha said...

Wow. So copying this!! What a simple little DIY project! I have so many scarves and I've just been stuffing then in a much-too-small drawer. Thanks for sharing!


PS. I'm hosting my very first giveaway today!!!

Jessica Renee said...

So cool! I love how it turned out! I wish I'd known about this a while back because I totally would've done it. I actually ended up buying a scarf holder at IKEA that is almost the same idea as what you did.

Keri said...

This is a great idea! I am def going to be using this. Right now, I have about 30 scarves hung up on about 5 plastic hangers. What a mess! Thanks for sharing this :-)

Caroline said...

I really need to do this.

Stephanie said...

Umm, this is the best idea ever! I'm totally doing this tomorrow!

Miss K said...

i have a rack like this already, i need to use those hook/rings though!

Meghan said...

I SO need to steal this idea, as I have way too many scarves!

Lyndsy said...

so smart!!!