Monday, January 2, 2012

"Favorite of the Week" Link Up #8

Sorry about missing last weeks post, I had such a busy Christmas weekend that I was semi burnt out and just plain forgot about the link up. My bad guys, my bad. I promise not to let it happen again.

So my favorite of the week this week was a surprise present from my Dad and Stepmom....

White iPad 2

I was so shocked and excited that I immediately started crying. My sister and I thought we were done, and they pull out a box and a card. I wish there were pictures but unfortunately you just had to be there. The iPad was in a Coach box with even the same wrapping from Coach, I was totally fooled! Thought I was getting a Coach bag!! LOL!

My sister got the card which said, "go look in dad's car." Inside was a trampoline (in a massive box of course). My sister has been begging for one for years to no avail. She was so excited.

Needless to say it was an awesome Christmas. I can't wait to share with you guys all of the stuff I got along with some iPad accessories I've already picked out. Figuring out my favorite this week was a no brainier.

So, what's your favorite of the week????

♥ Erin


tara said...

you lucky girl!!!

Chelsea said...

Totally jealous of the iPad! How fantastic!

ashleigh said...

you are going to have so much fun with an ipad =]

Miss K said...

what a surprise! that's so awesome your parents did that for you guys

Ashlee Miller said...

You will love your iPad. I use it sometimes more then my actual computer!

Cara said...

That is awesome! You are one lucky girl