Friday, December 23, 2011

Gifts For My Techy Side

I didn't ask for a lot of techy items this Christmas. Mostly because I found all these great gadgets after I had already submitted my Christmas list (oops). So hopefully with some gift cards and extra cash I'll be able to purchase some of these awesome items in 2012.

Sony NEX-5
I love my current camera, but lately I've realized it's slowly getting outdated. The pictures I take are not coming out as nice as they used to be and my iPhone 4S sometimes gets better captures than mine. So hopefully in 2012 I'll be in the market for a new camera. When I bought the camera I have now I spent months researching it. I have always been a Canon girl, but this Sony makes me drool. It's compact, has interchangeable lenses, a tiltable 3" LCD screen and comes in cool colors (always important when buying a camera). Price tag $499 which is a jump from what I paid for my Canon which was around $200. I'm not a professional photographer, but I do like taking photos and I want them to look nice. I'm definitely going to consider this one.

Pioneer AVIC-Z130BT GPS/DVD receiver
This thing is amazing! I would recommend this to anyone who's not looking to buy a new car soon, but wants all the bells and whistles a new car comes with. This baby is a DVD player, navigation, bluetooth audio, HD radio, internet radio receiver in one. Get this installed in your car and it's like you bought a brand new one! You can stream Pandora, watch movies and get to where you're going. The best part for me is the voice activated, hands free bluetooth feature as well. It's on the pricey side, but well worth it, $1499 plus installation.
Sonos Play 3
I was unfamiliar with this whole wireless audio thing until I was at my friends house for a holiday party and he was changing songs from his phone! I was amazed and hooked. Basically the Sonos Play 3 is the smaller version of wireless speakers. There's also a Play 5 which is bigger and can be used in a main room and then have the smaller ones throughout the house. You can wirelessly control every player in your house from a Mac, PC, Sonos control or download the free app for your smartphone or tablet. You can even play different songs in different rooms and stream internet radio such as Pandora. They even have a dock that hooks up wirelessly as well for your iPhone or iPod so you can play music from there! Wanna hook up your own speakers or home theater you can do that too, I swear! Now depending on how many speakers you want to connect this can get pricey as well anywhere from $800 and up. At some point this system will be going in my home. Guarantee it.

Time Command
The smartest alarm clock out there. This will even control your lamp for you to help you get out of bed (this is why I need this). Can it make my coffee too? And with a battery back-up you won't have to worry about a power outage. Plus alarm sets are transferred between phone to device. This is a neat little thing and it's relatively inexpensive $99!

These are my must have tech devices for 2012. What are some of yours?

♥ Erin


Krystal said...

Camera quality is so much better nowadays! My camera finally kicked the bucket and I got a $200 Olympus... it takes really really nice pictures. Under the right circumstances, it looks better than my husband's [outdated] SLR! Good luck on your camera hunt! That Sony looks pretty sweet!

Amanda said...

Erin!! I have that camera and I'm no pro photographer but it has taken some of the cleanest, most beautiful, crisp photos I have ever seen!!!! I totally recommend!!!

Jennifer B said...

Speaking of being a techie... they have these lenses for your cell phone!!

I think I'm gonna have to get one...or all.

Ashlee Miller said...

Nice techy picks! Where do I get that alarm clock???