Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge Day 8

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

I'm linking up with Neely and Amber for their Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge!
Today's topic:
Christmas Wish List

I know I technically already posted my Christmas List a couple weeks ago here, but I thought oh what the heck, I'll do it again! There are some newbies here who may not have seen it, plus I changed it a little. Enjoy!

Harry Potter Collection in Paperback - A must have

Harry Potter Complete DVD Collection - I literally have not bought one DVD because I have been waiting to get the entire collection, yes I am a nerd

Tortoise Fossil Watch - Had my eye on this for a while

Marc Jacobs iPhone 4S Case - Everyone needs a designer phone case, duh

iPad2 - I know no one is getting me one of these, but I really want it

One Tree Hill Season 8 DVD - Need to finish my collection before it ends next year, *cry :(
So what's on your list for Santa this year?
Link up with Neely and Amber and make sure you check out the rest of the topics!

♥ Erin


Jennifer B said...

I have been waiting for the Harry Potter DVD set too! No use in getting the DVDs individually!

Michelle said...

My sister just got the Harry Potter books boxed set! I have to admit it's pretty cool! I'd love an iPad too!

Ashlee Miller said...

Great list! I have that watch with the white face and love it! Hope you get it!

Breanna said...

I totally want an Ipad 2!

Love the watch too!

Monica said...

Great list, books and dvd set perfect!

Kiley said...

I want the full collection on blu's amazing!

and that watch is phenomenal. :)

Tammy said...

Lots of great stuff on your list! Wish Santa could bring it all to you!

: )