Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December is my birthday month!

December is my birthday month and this year is going to be a very painful one indeed.
I'm turning 29 on December 21st.
That's right, I'll be celebrating the last year in my 20s, oh where did the time go?
Yes, my birthday is the first official day of Winter and coincidentally the shortest day of the year. Good thing I'm a night owl.
Also, in case you haven't put 2 and 2 together, the whole Mayan Calendar thing and end of the world nonsense is on my 30th birthday. My sister literally held me down to watch the movie 2012, I wasn't having it.
So you need to be extra nice to me this month so I don't have a nervous break down ok? JK.
Good thing is that I'm already planning a big trip for my 30th with a bunch of other people that have birthdays around mine so stay tuned (you know, if the Earth is still here) LOL.
I know there are a bunch of other bloggies who are December babies as well and I'm so excited to celebrate with you!
So, if you have a birthday this month raise your hand! Are you a Sagittarius or a Capricorn?
What are some of the things you asked for?
Do you feel gypped because of Christmas? I do know someone who's bday is the 25th.
Anyway, I start getting presents around Thanksgiving. That's when I go see my mom and she buys me my birthday and Christmas presents early because I don't get to see her (she's in South Carolina).
In case you missed my Favorite of the Week post the other week where my new Coach bag was my fave, here it is:
She also got me a matching wallet, sorry no picture.
I also got a couple shirts at Express (sorry picture quality stinks).
Chiffon Overlay Tee
 I got it in gray

Chambray Two Pocket Shirt

Thanks to my Mommy. I'm sure I'll be getting more fun stuff!

P.S. I saw this while I was looking for birthday images and just had to share because it cracked me up. Enjoy!

♥ Erin


Jules said...

Happy Birthday month! My bff's birthday is on the 17th and she's fine with it. She said that when she was a kid, she wasn't a fan.

I love the Coach bag your mom got you!

Jessica Renee said...

Happy Birthday Month! And welcome to the 29 club! ;) I'm glad you get to enjoy your birthday seperately from Christmas, I don't think it's fair when Dec babies have to get a birthday/Christmas gift all in one!

Caroline said...

Totally stealing RPatz for my birthday!

Fashion By Alicia said...

Happy Birthday month! My brother is a December baby but early December so my mom would always try to celebrate his birthday before she set up the tree and decorations.

Mandy@OrangeAutumn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH!! I love birthdays!! It's awesome that you're planning a trip with friends next year, that will be SO much fun! Love the bag!

Neely said...

Happy Birthday month friend! Hope you get everything you want :)

Lindsey said...

*Raise Hand*
Happy Birthday Month! My 29th is on December 23rd, so I feel ya on Jesus stealin' the show... I kid I kid. ;)
My hubbie and I are knocked up over my LAST year in the 20s so no late nights over this way. But rest assured, I might be running into ya for the 30th Celebration. ;)

Krystal said...

Don't even get me started on 2012. I need Xanax just to even think about it. I'll be a hot mess next December! LOL I'm 27 tomorrow. YUcK! Why am I playing around on Blog Land? Why is my birthday a Weds!? Why do I have to work tomorrow?! So many yucky things this time around!

Jennifer B said...

So hows about when I was working at my old job, some girl had that Robert Pattinson poster in her cubicle. When I walked by, I totally thought his wiener was sticking out in his hands!

Anyway, happy birthday month!!

The Bases said...

My birthday is the day after Christmas! I make sure no one combines my presents or day! We all get back together to celebrate on the 26th. Love the pic of Rob wishing us Happy Birthdays!

Miss K said...

happy birthday month bbff!!

Cara said...

Happy Birthday month! My Nana's was Dec 26th and she said she always felt like she got the short end of the stick....like everyone held back one gift from Christmas and that was a birthday gift.

I am all about birthday trips! I spent my 30th in Vegas...my philosophy was if it was indeed happening, it was going to happen in my favorite place!