Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Ultimate Twilight Fan Link Up


I am linking up with Sara from Star's Pink World and Tara from fabulous but evil this week because I could not resist. Most of you who have been following me from the very beginning know that I'm a HUGE Twilight fan and when I saw this link up opportunity I just had to join. Plus I love meeting other fans that are in my age bracket. It's not just a teenage thing you know!!

I only had to answer 5 questions, but I answered them all! I'm such a geek. Enjoy! If you're a Twilight fan, make sure you link up!

1. Are you going to see Breaking Dawn at the midnight release?
Unfortunately no because I have to get up so early for work the next day, plus I don't like seeing the movie when it's super packed because other people tend to ruin for me. You know the ones that are squealing and whistling and talking through the whole thing.

2. Scene you're most looking forward to in Breaking Dawn/Favorite scene in previews movies?
I'm curious to see how they are going to do the "sex" scene (no, not because I'm a perv) because it wasn't graphic in the book or anything, but it was definitely a little risque. I think this one is rated R when the other ones were only PG-13. I also can't wait to see the dramatic change Bella goes through while she's pregnant. I can remember the book being really detailed of how bad she looked and all the terrible things that she was going through. *Update: Thank you for correcting me guys. It is!

3. Team Edward or Jacob?
Ok, so in the books I'm sooooo Team Edward, but in the movies I'm Team Jacob. My reasoning is detailed in answer number 7. 

4. Favorite book in the Saga?
It's a straight tie between Twilight and Breaking Dawn. The first book was so amazing and it's the book that started it all and got me so smitten. Breaking Dawn though is the one where you really see how these people deal with everything going on. I also think it's the book where every character grows exponentially.

5. Favorite character in the series and why?
My favorite character would have to be Dr. Cullen. I'm sure everyone automatically goes to one of the main characters, but I find him the most interesting. He has a deep history and he goes through life rescuing more of his kind that don't want to be killers. On top of that, he uses his gifts to help humans. He is definitely the glue in the Cullen family.

6. Why do you love Twilight?
Let me count the ways....LOL. Honestly, I believe it's just that deep down girly girl inside me that wishes for a whimsical romance that sweeps you off your feet and ends with everyone happily ever after. 

7. Are the books or movies better?
BOOKS! I know the movies do get better as you go on, but for some reason these actors that I love in other movies act terribly in this series. I cannot explain it, but there's a sense of corniness when this series was turned into movies. I really do think it's the screen writing because they never changed the woman who was doing it. I mean I love Kristen Stewart in other movies, but she can't portray Bella well. Take New Moon for instance, when she was having nightmares and was screaming in the night, I wanted to pull my hair out. It was so fake, I never felt for one moment that she was upset for not being with Edward anymore. Drives me crazy. And I love Rob Pattinson in plenty of other movies, he's fantastic! As Edward, he's just blah. Sorry if I'm offending anyone. LOL.

8. What do you dislike about the series?
Well I think I just covered it in the last question. As far as the book, I think New Moon was a little over the top. I think Bella was being a little ridiculous. I've been through breakups and I think she was being a big baby after a while.

9. Your craziest fan moment.
After I read the books, I spent months reading EVERY single thing I could online. I was obsessed! That's it though, I didn't camp out for tickets or stalk the stars or anything.

10. Do you have a Twilight collection?
I have all the books including The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner and I'm asking for The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide for Christmas. It's the is the definitive encyclopedic reference for all Twilight fans!
I hope you enjoyed my answers and learned a little more about me! Make sure you link up today with Sara and Tara!

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♥ Erin


Ashleigh said...

I actually think it's rated PG-13 if my memory serves me correctly-- so many tweens would be disappointed if it was R. They can imply a lot in a sex scene with no nudity, LOL. I love Twilight too and feel the same way about Kristen Stewart. She is quite possibly one of the worst actresses ever.

tara said...

I think its pg13!! Boo!!

Ashlee Miller said...

I agree with you New Moon was my least favorite of the series. The lack of Edward and Bella's depression made for a really boring read at some parts.

Miss K said...

lol you crack me up!

a displaced floridian said...

I am so terrible... I need to get on the ball and finally read these..

Caroline said...

Jacob looks so good in the movies. I just LOVE him!

Jill said...

I'm going to a midnight premiere for the first time, and my main concern has been that the "crazies" in the theatre will ruin it for me. I've made up my mind, though, to soak in the experience, and go see it again in a few weeks if I have to.

Can't wait!!!

Lauren H. Edmondson said...

who isn't looking forward to that sex scene haha, the build-up for it has been so intense, I hope the scene can live up to it!

Jennifer B said...

Girllll, I wish this were rated R. I'm such a little sex monkey. I wanna see everything. hahaha. seriously, i do.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Bloggers named Erin rule! Now, what was I going to say? Oh yes - finally, I come across another Carlisle fan!