Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting ready for my iPhone 4S

Hopefully I'll be picking up my new iPhone 4S this weekend. I'm in dire need of an upgrade since I've been stuck waiting around with my 3G (I know, soooo outdated). To prepare for my new purchase, I'm obviously going to have to get a new case. So I've been doing some research, and these have been my faves. Let me know what you think.

Jonathan Adler case at Nordstroms

Jonathan Adler case at Nordstroms

Kate Spade case at Nordstroms

Kate Spade case at Nordstroms

Marc Jacobs Starlight case at Nordstroms

Marc Jacobs Metallic Starlight case at Nordstroms

Otterbox Defender case at AT&T

Anyone else getting the 4S? What kind of cases are you thinking about getting?

♥ Erin


Jennifer B said...

Mine is being delivered today! I love the Kate Spade ones! They are super expensive though, no?

Katie said...

The first is my favorite!! So jealous - I am NOT getting the new iPhone....though I would happily take one. :D I'm stuck with my old one until it dies. Is it sad that I hope that day comes soon?! :P Enjoy your new play thing!!

Chelsea said...

I love love love these! I actually was seriously considering the Kate Spade Polka Dot case for my own and i LOVE the first Jonathan Adler option. But really all of them are fabulous. (And who says you need just one?!) Enjoy the new iPhone!

-Chelsea (

Neely said...

I use an otterbox but I think the Kate Spade ones are adorable!

Katherine said...

Love the Kate Spade case :) Lucky you with the iPhone 4s! I really really want one...