Thursday, September 29, 2011

e.l.f. Shopping Spree Part 1

A few weeks ago I purchased a Groupon for $35 of e.l.f. mineral makeup for $15. So finally last week I sat down and went through the website and picked out everything I wanted. Their mineral collection isn't as large as some of their other collections so it took me sometime to go through and decide on everything I wanted. Plus their stuff is so cheap, it was taking me forever to rack up $35 of makeup (a problem I love to have).

Was very interested to try this...Blemish Kit. Acts like a concealer, but has acne fighting ingredients to treat and prevent future breakouts.

Mineral Eye Liner in Coffee, I was in dire need of brown liner

Mineral Booster in Sheer acts gently absorbs oil and minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and pores for a photo finishing touch 
Mineral Eye Brightener diminishes the appearance of dark shadows

I followed that with some mineral eye shadows that I can't wait to try:



And guess what? I'm not done! Stay tuned for part 2! What do you think of my picks so far?

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

I have the eye liner and like it! I'm super interested in how the photo finish powder works for ya. Can't wait for part 2!