Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall Movie Preview

Everyone is always excited for the summer blockbuster movies that come out, but everyone forgets that fall is usually just as packed with awesome movies as well. Last week I got a Fandango email with their fall movie preview, so I thought I'd share mine with you guys!

Release Date: September 2nd - This just looks scary so I'm in.
Release Date: September 2nd - I love Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington, but I'm always a huge fan of any movie that has to do with WWII. This one is supposed to be good.
Release Date: September 9th - This movie has an amazing star studded cast and I'm always a sucker for pandemic, virus killing off the whole world type movies even though they give me nightmares!
Release Date: September 23rd - I'm a huge baseball fan and I'm not familiar with this story/book, so I just have to check it out.
Release Date: October 7th - I'll see anything with Ryan Gosling, but there are rumors rumbling that he could be Oscar nominated for this role.
Release Date: October 21st - Scary movie right around Halloween? I'm in.
Release Date: October 21st - I was always a fan of the remake with Charlie Sheen and Kiefer Sutherland in the 90s and I loved The Man in the Iron Mask with Leo. This one looks like it's going to be remade well. Plus it has Orlando Bloom, what more could you ask for?
Release Date: October 28th - I'm not sure if I will actually get to see this in the theaters or if I will wait for DVD, but all the previews I've seen look pretty good.
Release Date: November 4th - Love all the Shrek's, so I know I'm going to end up taking my sister to see this one!
Release Date: November 18th - Duh! Counting down the days! Need I say more?

What are some of the fall movies you're excited to see?

♥ Erin


tara said...

Breaking dawn!!!!!

Miss K said...

all of them, but the scary ones. I skip those.