Thursday, July 14, 2011

Movie Review: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I was very excited to see this movie for a few reasons. I had absolutely loved the first one, but was totally disappointed with the second one. I was also curious to see how they were going to handle the departing of Megan Fox.

All in all I was very impressed with the 3rd installment. I even saw it in 3D which was a first for me. I've been hesitant to go to 3D or IMAX movies because of how susceptible I am to migraines. Fortunately, I had a pretty good experience for this movie so I'd definitely do it again. I don't really care about all the extra bells and whistles though. I just prefer to see a movie with great sound and a huge screen. Being back in PA, I miss the accessibility I had to a ton of brand new theaters that I had in VA.

Anyway, I'm not quite sure if this was definitely the last movie in the series. It was definitely made that way, but nowadays you never know. The effects were great and so was the story. It was also neat to see all the scenes they filmed in DC. They briefly mentioned the fact that Megan Fox's character was no longer there by saying things like, "she left me or she moved on". They didn't dwell on it which was fine, to be honest I was surprised they even brought it up. I just didn't agree that they needed to replace her with a VS model. I mean yeah I get it, the point is to sell movie tickets. I just thought there are plenty other good looking actresses out there that could have played that part. I mean at some parts in the movie it just wasn't believable that Shia's character would land a girl like that...but whatever. Other than that, I loved it. I can't wait to get it on DVD. Did any of you guys see it? What were some of your thoughts?

♥ Erin

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Miss K said...

there's such a double standard in hwood, there's so many so-so guys that get steaming hot chicks and that just doesn't happen that often in real life. maybe in hwood though?