Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Great Baby Shower Gifts

I currently have a few friends that are pregnant and I'm always on the look out for great gifts for the mom-to-be. Sometimes I go with the registry because I know it's things they need/want, but sometimes I come across something that I know they'll really like even if it's not on their registry.

I was going through my email when I saw an ad for a new product by Philosophy just for babies. They now have a line that includes lotion, baby wash and diaper cream. I don't think it's ever too early to start your baby with great skin care products!

I got my girlfriend all three products for the baby and then included this...

This kit from Philosophy is just for the mom-to-be to pamper herself once the baby is here. I thought it was a good idea to add something to the gift that my friend could use to wind down when the baby is taking a nap or when it's daddy's turn to watch the baby! The set includes Purity Made Simple (face wash), Hope In A Jar (facial moisturizer), Pure Grace Foaming Bath and Shower Cream, and Pure Grace Body Lotion.

What are some baby shower presents you've given or received?

♥ Erin


Jamie said...

Erin, I work at a store that specializes in unique gifts and these are my 2 favorite baby gifts to give :)

My pregnant friends always know that I get them their baby's first Taggie. Babies LOVE these small security blankets with their numerous different tags around the blankie.

For little boys who can't control themselves :) Super cute and they work!

Miss K said...

how cute! i just bought a baby shower gift yesterday! LOL. i bought a couple of receiving blankets and onesies and wrapped them to look like cupcakes, and then washclothes to look like suckers. so cute and easy!

Caroline said...

oooh, good to know.