Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Living Room Makeover

A couple months ago I asked you guys whether we should go on vacation or buy a new couch (post here). Everyone said vaca, but with my brand new job I can't take all that much time off right now so we opted for new furniture. We haven't completely ruled out a vaca though so don't worry.

We had been looking at a sectional at Ashley Furniture for months. The weekend we decided to buy the set, they were having an awesome President's Day Sale so we really lucked out.

The week we got our new furniture we also got a new back door and new carpeting so it was a really busy week. Our downstairs looks awesome and our new couches are so comfy! Here are the before and after pictures (we currently rent and have no control over the wall color, don't judge us!):



Logan Sectional in Stone and Ottoman

We kept our end table even though we weren't planning to, but it fit perfectly. We also kept the red pillows and blanket from our old couch to accent this one.

We got 2 of these lamps from Bed Bath & Beyond which gave us a lot of light for the room

Eventually we want to get an area rug to protect the carpet in such a high traffic area and Tim found this set 3 rugs from Walmart for $50. I'm not sold on the pattern yet, but I love that it comes with a runner that we can use at the back door. The dogs can track in a lot of dirt back there.

So what do you guys think? We absolutely love it. Tim and I constantly fight over the chaise part of the couch, it's so comfy! We just want to thank Tim's parents for giving us our old couches. When we moved here we didn't have anything and it was really nice of them to give them to us and buy us nice slip covers for them. Two years later it was time to get something of our own though. Thanks Mr. & Mrs. F!

♥ Erin


Christina said...

Love the new living room. Looks great!!!

Robin Maidman said...

Great color combo!!!! looks great

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Love it! Its looks great!

Miss K said...

what a great couch! love it and it's perfect for the area and any future home!