Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Review

It only took me forever and a day, but I finally finished Stieg Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was on a role with books for a while...and then I got a new job and everything fell to pieces. I have vowed never to take this long to read a book ever in my life (unless the book stinks).

Well this book definitely did not stink. It may have started out slow, but stink is not a word I would use. I'm finally starting to understand the obsession with this series now that I finished this one and have started the second one (The Girl Who Played With Fire).

I admit, until things started to unravel in the "Harriet Vanger" case, I was wondering how long into the book I was going to get before something happened. Now I'm usually good at predicting where things are going to go, but this book had me guessing. I was really impressed how (almost) everything tied back to each other, I was wondering how that was going to happen. Plus I am a sucker for good old revenge and vengeance. I hate when people don't get what's owed to them in books, it bothers me.

Now that I'm already a pretty good bit into the next book, I'm glad to see some more background information that was left out of Dragon Tattoo. I'm dying to know the story behind one of the main characters, Lisbeth Salander.

I feel like I'm the last person on Earth who hasn't read all the books, so if there's anyone out there who is looking for a new series to get into I highly recommend this one. The only con to the books is that it's been translated from Swedish so certain words left me scratching my head. I was definitely confused when there was mention of places in Sweden, holidays they celebrated and even some of the country's celebrities made me turn to Google for answers. Other than that, it's a captivating book that can run slow at times, but will not let you down in the end.

If you have read the series, which book is your fave? What can you tell me (without giving anything away of course) about the second book?

♥ Erin


tara said...

I loved this trilogy!! I think the second book was my fave!

Miss K said...

i, surprisingly,haven't read this series yet. i've heard so many good things about it, but i know the first half is so slow, idk if i'll be able to get through it.