Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Hair

In two weeks Tim and I are in his sister's wedding and I still haven't decided what I want to do with my hair. I don't think I want a full up do since my hair is so long. It would be a shame to hide it all up on my head, but I did find a couple that I liked. The other thing to consider while choosing this is that I will be getting my hair done in the morning. I will need my hairstyle to stay all day. Sometimes my hair keeps a curl and sometimes it doesn't. We'll see which one shows up on the big day. So here are a few styles I found, let me know what you guys think!

If you guys have any suggestions or websites that I can look at, let me know! I was really disappointed with what I saw online. Especially when I was looking for celeb wedding hairstyles, not much to choose from.

♥ Erin


Kerr said...

I was in a wedding last weekend and I brought the first picture you posted as my inspriation. I have naturally straight hair and it took a long time to curl all of it and even with a lot of hairspray, the curls didnt last long.

Caroline said...

I love the curls, ponytail and the braid!!! I'm too indecisive!

Miss K said...

ok, i'm going to number & comment on them LOL
1. No, it leaves too much room for flat hair if your hair doesn't keep the curl.
2. I like, if your hair does fall flat the braid will still help it to look chic and you can pull it back into a ponytail and still look "done"
3. how does the front look? the back has the possibility to look like a ball of hair instead of intricately placed.
4. love it, siple and chic.
5. you can never go wrong w/carrie
6. this is my fave updo, so cute! however with hair to one side you only look good in pics from straight on or on the side with the hair. the other side just all looks smoothed back
7. i like it, but would be better fuller on top.

ha ha ha hope i helped!

Krystal said...

Too funny! That Carrie Underwood pic is what I sent my stylist for my wedding~! LOL

Chuck said...

Love look 3 or 4!