Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We bought our couch!

A couple weeks ago I posted about deciding between going on vacation and a new couch. We were pretty much sold on vacation (thanks to every one's opinion) until we took a trip to Ashley Furniture this weekend and they were having an extended President's Day sale. We just couldn't pass this great deal up! So here is what we purchased:

Logan Sectional

Matching ottoman, love the storage space

We are going to add a couple things to complete the set, like:

Shag rug in brown...

...or in red

The matching accent chair

2 of these for behind the couch

Only need one of these at the end of the chaise

Tray for the ottoman

It will make sense when I post pictures of the before and after I promise. We get the couch in about 2-3 weeks, can't wait! Don't worry though, I think we'll still be doing the vaca as well. We got a great deal on the couch so we're going to try and do both! Yay!

♥ Erin

1 comment:

Miss K said...

love each piece! it's going to look so fab in your room! i can't wait for the "after" pics when it all comes together. I think each piece will look nice with each other