Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Recent Purchases - Forever 21

I'm nearing the end of my holiday gift cards for now, I'm saving the rest for spring/summer clothes. We have a fabulous Forever 21 here in VA, it's 2 floors of heaven and I can spend days in it. Here are some of the things I walked away with from this shopping spree.

Champagne colored silk ruffled shirt

Grey cardigan

I had to show the back of it

Grey racer back tank

I love F21's cheap jewelry

I bought some gold things because I really don't have a lot

This bracelet is my favorite, it's on a spring that wraps around your wrist

So what do you guys think? I love F21 because I can get a lot of accent pieces to outfits for cheap that really spice up some of my other clothes. Plus you can't beat their jewelry, it's nice to add some costume jewelry to your collection.

♥ Erin


Virginia Belle said...

The cardigan is perfect and I love the back! I am obsessed with F21 jewelery! It's super affordable and makes any outfit more fun. Great finds!

Krystal said...

Their costume jewelry is top notch -- I showered my bridesmaids with several pieces for the wedding!

Miss K said...

super cute! i'm shopping tomorrow for some bachelorette goods, hopefully i get as lucky as you at F21!