Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I finally gave in...and got a Keurig Coffee Maker

Tim has been begging me to get this for months. I've been against it for a number of reasons. One being the fact that they are all expensive and two that I love my Dunkin Donuts coffee (they haven't made pods yet...hint, hint). So what ended up sealing the deal for me (not to mention our current coffee maker is OLD) was the fact that we price matched this model at Best Buy (listed at $159, saw it at Sears for $129), then Tim and I used $55 worth of Best Buy gift cards dropping the price down to $81. Not too shabby. On top of that, we will be purchasing this:
So I can still have my DD coffee whenever I want

And then we were at Bed Bath & Beyond today and I saw all of these:

We will also be purchasing one of these accessories as well:

Do you guys recommend any pod flavors? Let me know!

♥ Erin


Christina said...

Loove my Keurig. Some of my fav K cups include Coffee People Coffee Shop and Wake Up Call.

Laura Lewis said...

Gloria Jeans line is great... the Butter Toffee is AMAZING and we always have that one on hand. The ones for hot chocolate are also good and nice for the evening when I'm watching TV and it's chilly!