Monday, March 14, 2011

Current Outfit Faves - H&M and Target

Recently I've been in love with two things in my wardrobe: leggings and Steve Madden Intyce boots. So I've been trying to pair as much as I can with both of these things and I think I've been pretty successful. Lately I've been all about style, but comfort has been really important to me as well. Below are my two favorite outfits broken down for you.

Cardigan from H&M
Mossimo v neck boyfriend tee from Target
Leggings from H&M
Intyce boots from Steve Madden

Close up of tee and cardigan

Close up of tee

I bought two of these tees at Target, coral and white. I absolutely fell in love with them. They are over sized and work perfectly for leggings. They look odd if you wear them with out something over them though. I believe Tim said to me, "are you wearing one of my shirts?" So be careful about that. They are only $10 a piece and they have TONS of other colors.

Cardigan from H&M
Dress from H&M
Belt from H&M
Intyce boots from Steve Madden

Close up of cardigan, dress and belt

What I love most is that I can wear the outfit with or without the cardigan

And here's a close up of just the dress

I also love to wear the leggings and white v neck tee with:

What are some of your outfit faves?

♥ Erin


Jules said...

Everyone seems to have the Intyce boots and I can see why because they’re so cute! I also love that coral top from Target and this it looks great with the wrap. $10 is a great deal and it would go with so many things.

The Burberry scarf will never go out of style. Love that!

Chuck said...

We have VERY similar styles too!!!

I'm pretty sure our outfit posts are copycats!


Great Minds think alike!