Friday, February 4, 2011

Recent Purchases - Express (again) Including a Very Versatile Top

Well I did some more damage at the Express recently. I was taking advantage of the winter clearance, again. I can't complain, I've gotten some really great things at 1/4 the cost.

I got these two awesome pairs of work pants for these colder months. The one on the left is tweed with an inner lining to keep me warm, it has a lace strip down the outside hem of both legs. The one on the right is a classic pinstripe, but it's wool. Nice and heavy, but very soft. The best part about both pairs is they run almost $100 each, I got them both for under $40! Score!

I was so thrilled to get this tunic. I originally wanted it in gray, but opted for a lighter brown color instead. I have so much gray (I love it), and I wanted it in a color I thought would be more versatile.

I put together some outfits with the tunic and I want everyone's opinion on which look is best even if you like them all. These were ways in which I would want to wear the shirt, let me know if I'm way off or I got it right. Sorry for not trying the outfits on, I didn't have a photographer when I took these. All looks can be with the tunic as is or over a long sleeve shirt to keep you warmer.

Paired with BCBG suede boots and skinny jeans

Paired with Steve Madden boots and black leggings

Paired with BCBG thigh high boots and black leggings

Paired with American Eagle ballet flats and 7 For All Mankind boot cut jeans

Paired with Old Navy flats and skinny jeans (could also be worn with boot cut, I forgot that picture)

So what do you guys think? Do you like the looks? Do you hate them? Do you have a favorite or a suggestion? Let me know!

♥ Erin

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Anonymous said...

I definitely like the first option! I'm not sure about the leggings, I'd have to see how long the top is. But this is more for personal reasons--I think my buttlooks huge in leggings so I like to be able to cover it up with the sweater! haha The flats are definitely cute too! What about skinny jeans and your steve madden boots?