Monday, February 7, 2011

One Tree Hill Wedding and a Hair Do

So last week I watched Brooke Davis finally get married on One Tree Hill. It was a great episode. I laughed, I cried, I scoped out everyone's hair and dresses! Everyone looked fabulous, I was especially impressed with how AMAZING Bethany Joy Galeotti looked in her dress because she's super prego right now. I just loved her dress, she's absolutely beautiful pregnant. Here are a couple shots of her.

Sophia Bush of course looked amazing as well. I thought the dress, hair, makeup and decorations were perfect for Brooke Davis. Her dress was a mermaid shape which I loved. I don't know if I would look good in a dress that shape, but I've always admired them. Here's what her dress looked like.

Here's picture of her hair, I thought she looked so classic.

Out of everyone's hair and outfits, I fell in love with Shantel VanSanten's hair. It's the same take as Sophia's hair, but they placed it higher up on her head. If someone knows how to do this they need to tell me. I WANT TO DO THIS WITH MY HAIR!

Here are some pictures of her dress. There aren't many good close and clear shots, but this is what I found.

What do you guys think? Somebody email me if you know how to create that hair do, erinsworld09@gmail.

♥ Erin

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Frances said...

This episode was great! I've waited so long to see Brooke get the happy ending and the guy (who is awesome), now she just needs the baby (they'll make it happen). Anyway, I agree that everyone looked great! Shantel was my fave and I loved Joy's whole ensemble. Brooke looked fab, but I wish they had done her hair a little different. I felt she needed some hair down, idk it was missing something....but the dress was beautiful!