Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Help! What do I do with these?!

Lately I've been spicing up my makeup collection. I'm the type of person that once I find something I like, I stay with it. So I tend to forget about new things. For Christmas, I asked for bold new colors (my step mom always gets me makeup for my stocking), and she totally came through. The only problem? I don't know how to apply them or I tried and it looked ridiculous. So I'm asking you my wonderful readers who (most of you anyway) are much better at applying makeup than me. I don't know if you know this, but I severely lack this natural ability. Everything I know I either stumbled upon by accident, something that went horribly wrong actually looked good, or I watched a tutorial. So please help me so I don't look like a clown! Thanks ladies!

♥ Erin


Krystal said...

I have that exact blue set. I usually do the one on the far right all over and then then the dark blue on the left on my lid. I found that the two middle colors were light on me!

Marisa said...

Blue set is pretty but friend i learned a lot about makeup and you will need a primer to help the colors pop and stay CG eyeshadows do not last long. Get makeup brushes too. I got Sigma brushes and i love the two i just got super affordable i have a link on my blog.

Caroline said...

I love those colors, but I'm too afraid. :(

Jules said...

The blue set is really pretty and I've gotten better with shadow application over the last year. I would use a primer (like Urban Decay Primer Potion) or painterly paint pot from MAC as a base and then do either one of the middle colors all over the lid. Take the dark blue color on the left and apply it to the crease. You can get a good crease brush at Target for a few bucks or splurge on one from MAC like the 217. Sigma also has great brushes and they’re less than the ones from MAC (I did a review on a set they sent me on my blog). Use the color to the far right on the browbone as a highlight. The MAC 224 brush is great to have for blending it all together or smoking a look out. I use a windshield wiper motion and it works really well.

I hope this made some sort of sense and good luck!

Miss K said...

those are some great colors!!

ok for the trio:
1. use the yellow on the Right at your inner eye corner (and possibly as a brow highlighter depending on how bold it is), the orange on the left on your whole lid up to the crease and the middle brown shade in your crease.

2. use the orange shade over your entire lid up to the crease, the middle brown shade along your lash line and half way up to your crease and then the yellow shade as a highlighter.

you'll have to just play with these two ways to see what looks best on you. those two ways are how i usually do my make-up.

for the quad:
same as the trio, but the two middle shades can be used on your entire lid, either by themselves with the lighter blue in the crease or blended together. you can also use the white as a highlighter, the light blue on the lid and the navy in the crease/lashline.

i hope this helps!

Erin said...

Thanks ladies!! I guess this post made my girlfriend want to do a makeup party girls night and teach everyone about makeup! I'm so excited. In the meantime, I'll be using your tips!