Thursday, February 3, 2011

Current Eyeliner & Mascara Faves

When it comes to mascara and eyeliner I have some favorites. I've tried TONS of makeup over the years. Granted I only just started trying some higher end stuff, but these have definitely been my go to products lately. I am ALWAYS open to suggestions, so let me know if you think I'll like something you use. I have no problem trying new things unless they're really expensive, then I do a little research before buying.

These are my top 3 mascaras: CoverGirl Lash Blast Length, Maybelline Colossal Volume Express and Maybelline Falsies Volume Express. The Lash Blast is very light; you can barely tell you have any mascara on, but boy does it add length! Since it's not very heavy, I pretty much use this for work or if I run out to the store on a Saturday morning and just need a little something to brighten up my face. A little mascara goes a long way, even on a sleepy Saturday morning!

I have a bunch of different choices when it comes to eyeliner. I usually stick with brown or black. For some reason, I think colored eyeliner looks ridiculous on me. Anyway, this is what's in my makeup bag: (from top, clockwise) bareMinerals Liner Shadow in Deep Amethyst (this came in the Jeweled Collection kit), AVON Perfect Wear Liquid Eyeliner in Beaming Bronze, Revlon Bedroom Eyes in Fishnet Jet, L'Oreal Pencil Perfect in Ebony, CoverGirl Liquiline Blast in Black Fire, CoverGirl Perfect Point Plus in Black Onyx and CoverGirl LineExact in Very Black. The bareMinerals is a really nice you can wear it a number of different ways. Wear it dry for soft, smoky shading, or wear it wet for a dramatic, fine line. The AVON liner is the only brown liner I have and I use the Bedroom Eyes to help with a smoky eye look. CoverGirl's LineExact is a really great liquid liner, but I feel like it dries out quickly.

These 3 are my favorite liners to use. The perfect point plus is like a pencil, but it's creamy. I use it for thicker lines. The other two I rotate between because they essentially give the same kind of look. They both twist up which I love, I hate regular pencils and sharpening. You get a very nice even line with both of these, the only difference is the liquiline blast has a sponge on the end to blend.

So what are some of the products you guys use? What can you recommend for me?

♥ Erin


Kerr said...

I am looking for a new mascara so this post came at the perfect time!

Miss K said...

I use both of the Maybelline mascaras and love them! They're wonderful!

Katie said...

I SWEAR by Diorshow mascara. Swear by it. I also have another AMAZING product I use that makes your lashes look as amazing as if you had false eyelashes on. If you want, send me your address and I will send you one to try. You will be HOOKED!