Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coach Jewelry Faves

I really shouldn't have done some exploring, but I saw an ad for Coach Valentine's Day gifts and I just had to click. I saw all of these jewels and I have to say I wanted every single one of them. Surprisingly, most of these items are under $100!

Signature Bangle

Poppy Heart Ring

Poppy Flower Stacking Ring

Pave Script Ring

Multi Op Ring

Miranda Ring

Julia Makeup Case

Heart Bangle

I don't ever wear gold, I'm a strictly silver girl. However, I would definitely wear any of these gold rings anytime (especially the Poppy stacking ring!) What are some of your current Coach favorites?

♥ Erin


Kerr said...

I had not idea Coach made jewelry. I love the poppy heart ring, perfect for valentine's day!

Miss K said...

great picks! my cousin used to work at coach and their employees receive 50% off, but unfortunately i do not have any jewelry from them!! i love their bracelets!

Jessica said...

I didnt even know coach made jewelry.. ha but I love the pieces you posted!! especially those rings!!