Friday, January 7, 2011

Victoria's Secret NFL & Collegiate Collection for Winter 2011

Earlier last year (still so weird to say) I told you guys about VS's MLB collection (see post). For the current football season they have released an NFL and college collections. I'm so torn with what I want to spend my gift card that I got for Christmas on. Should I get an Eagles hoodie, PSU tee or save it and get a new swimsuit? Oh the choices a girl has to make!! Here are a bunch of my favorite picks to show you (all Eagles and PSU of course). I'm pretty sure they have all the NFL teams, some stuff is even on sale depending on the team. The collegiate choices are a little slimmer, more of the big name schools.

The only reason I'm showing you this is because they no longer have the Eagles set (why would I buy a Patriots set?). I went to buy it and they're only available for 8 teams now, they must have sold out. They're really cute though!

Love, love, love this sweat shirt and it's on sale for $24.99!! I'm only hesitant because I have so many sweat shirts and sweat pants already. Plus they all seem to be blue or grey! I really need to spend my money on regular clothes, this is so tempting though!

I know I said I have a lot of sweat pants and sweat shirts, but I'm a sucker for warm sweats! I love being comfy and supporting my team!

I don't have an Eagles sweat shirt, so I might be able to justify this one, even though it's the most expensive of them all at $39.50.

♥ Erin

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Kerr said...

these are great but they are sold out of my team too. boo.