Friday, January 28, 2011

New Lady Gaga for House of Mugler

*If for some reason this video doesn't play (it's giving me issues), click here to go the original article and video.

Just a quick post before the weekend begins! Has anyone seen this video? The man in charge of putting Gaga in all those crazy outfits is now the creative director for the brand Mugler. Gaga made the soundtrack for his upcoming fashion show, this song is a remixed song from her upcoming album, "Born This Way". I personally love it. It's totally something you would hear at a fashion show and I'm sure the original that is on her new album will be a favorite as well. I have to try and find this song to put on my iPod. I'm totally ready for new Gaga music, are you?

Sorry guys, I have a huge list of posts that I want to write, but I just haven't found the time. Tim and I are in PA this weekend to celebrate our nephew's 1st birthday, I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures. I'll try to have a post on Monday, but it will depend on how late we get back on Sunday. If not, definitely look for one of Tuesday. I've been so good at posting every weekday I'm going to try and not break it. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, talk to you next week!

♥ Erin

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