Monday, January 17, 2011

My Golden Globe Red Carpet Faves, What the's and Hotties

I didn't watch the Golden Globes this year because Tim vetoed it and I didn't feel like being exiled to the bedroom. However, I was keeping up with the winners on Twitter and I was going through red carpet galleries on my laptop. There were so many that I LOVED, few that I hated (which really shocked me), and speaking of actress that chose HORRIBLY and let me down (I'll get to that). So scroll through and tell me what you guys think of my fave pics! There are a lot!

We'll start with my FAVES
Nicole Kidman hardly ever lets me down, she looks so classic all the time

Navy on Amy Adams was a perfect choice, she is stunning

One of my favorites of the night

I had to show the back of this dress, makes me love it even more

I don't know who Dianna Agron is, but I love the dress and think she looks beautiful

So impressed with this choice from Claire and so happy she won a GG

One of the most exotic and beautiful women of Hollywood, I love this color on Catherine

Love Carrie! She is always stunning

Love the style and love that Eva kept it simple

I love the top of this dress, but the bottom color almost washes out Megan

I wouldn't have chosen the color, but the more I look at it the more I like it on Mandy

Love, love, love Leighton in this dress

Kaley Cuoco looks fab in this dress

And my favorite dress of the night goes to...

As soon as I saw this on Olivia I knew that I would have chosen it for myself, I don't know what it is but I am in LOVE with it!

What the?
This was for people who I normally love, but let me down not people that just looked horrid (J. Lo, Christina Aguilera, etc) on the red carpet last night.
Usually for awards shows Scar Jo always looks great, but this was very blah to me...I was not impressed

I love Emma Stone (and she's one of Tim's faves), but I feel like her blond hair + the color of this dress totally washes her out, not to mention it's very plain

And my what the? of the night goes to...

One of my favorite actresses who usually dresses amazing and has great style...who the hell did her hair tonight? They need to be fired along with her stylist. Sandra, you must look better than your new beau's ex and you totally don't.

Last but not least...Hotties...
I feel like now that Zac and Vanessa are done, he has totally matured in my eyes

My True Blood hottie, Ryan Kwanten, looking sexy as ever

Only Ryan Gosling can pull off a velour tux and still look hot

R Patz is not my cup of tea, but he really looks good cleaned up and in a tux

So impressed with Robert going with the gray suit and red accent over a plain old tux

Jeremy Renner was made for the red carpet in this suit

*Sigh* Dear Jake, you could wear a paper bag to the GG's and still make the top 5 best dressed

Honorable Mention...
Helena Bonham Carter is the most consistent ridiculous red carpet actress out there and I love it. She's always wearing a crazy dress, but not going over board like Lady Gaga or Bjork...I don't care what anyone says she looks good for her taste!

Well, that's my list. What do you guys think?

♥ Erin

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Jules said...

Carrie, Eva and Claire were also on my list and I picked Olivia as my favorite too! I also agree with your what the? picks too. Some people I usually love completely missed the mark.

Ryan Kwanten looked so dapper and HOT!